The final leg

Sunday morning saw us living a new desert experience – a sunrise!  Although we were up early every day at Kenmore Park, the early morning routine never included a peep out the window at the sun emerging over the eastern ridges.  Driving out of Coober Pedy at 6am was the opportunity we had been waiting for. Continue reading The final leg


Same, but different

By guest author, Poppy.

Kenmore Park and Parkside seem very different from each other but they are actually very similar.  The people are no different, we enjoy the same things and smile the same smiles, all the people in both places feel the same emotions and do the same thing for fun.  We are no different in the way we behave and think but there are some big differences in the way we live and do things. Continue reading Same, but different

Community life, unplugged

In ‘Dilemmas of stereotypes‘ I alluded to some significant differences that are glaringly apparent in this environment.  For other pre-service teachers participating in a Field Trip or doing a placement on The Lands, it might be useful to gain a bit more insight into what will confront you while you are here. Continue reading Community life, unplugged

Crazy hair day

Our second-last day at Kenmore Park.  I can’t believe how time has raced by out here.  Every day has been so full of novelty, exhilarating and exhausting.  With tomorrow a half-day for the kids, we finished today on a high with crazy hair styling followed by a whole-school disco. Continue reading Crazy hair day

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Teaching in a digital world.


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Learning to teach in a digital world LLiDW 2014

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